Mathieu Boldron

Mathieu Boldron is the founder of „Yin Yang Flow Yoga“ and „Yinyasa Yoga“. He discovered Yoga as he was singing, touring & acting in his very first Broadway Disney Musical „The Lion King“. As he performed in different shows in many languages and countries, his yoga practice became a way to nourrish his life style and express fully. He is known for his balanced style of yoga: „Yinyasa“, based on four principles : observe your mind, flow with stillness, liberate your body and tune with your soul.

Each class coutains elements of philosophy, krya or pranayama, chanting, yin and a creative vinyasa. Mathieu looks for students to experiment through practice the selfless devotion that is bringing us back to our inner child. His classes will awake your senses and stimulate your mental sharpness bringing lightness to your daily life.