Meghan Currie

The teachings of Meghan are raw, powerful and sharply intuitive as their source is channelled from the teachings of Nature. Being deeply rooted in her works with expanding Love, her teachings reflect this work, and encourage students to process the gifted experiences so as to draw from them the highest nectar of the teachings.

Meghan Currie is electric, potent, infectious. She is a creator, moulding the light and dark within herself into Yoga classes and art which are expansive journeys through inner layers. She loves this work, this creating, learning, concocting, healing; she has given herself to it fully.

She grew up in small town Ontario picking raspberries and exploring the forest, hearing and feeling the whisperings and spirits of the world around her. Her depth of vision grew here like roots through the forest floor. She would become the alchemist, the witch doctor, laying stones and rubbing dirt on all kinds of spiritual and physical maladies.