Adell Bridges

My yoga journey began in March 2015.  I was 29 and a physical therapist recommended it to me to deal with issues in my body due to my gymnastics background.  My background as a gymnast definitely helps with my physical practice, and has helped with my overall strength and flexibility. But through yoga I feel stronger, fitter, and more balanced than I ever did before! Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually — everything-ly!

For me, like many people in the West, yoga began as solely a physical practice. But through listening to my body in asana practice, I developed an attention to the feelings in my body in other aspects of life. It was no longer just how I felt in a low lunge or a downward facing dog. I also began listening to how my body felt when I was angry, or stressed, or if I’d overindulged. I noticed for the first time differences in my mood if I’d responded to a traffic jam with frustration, or with a calm breath.

And this is how I learned that yoga is more than just a physical practice. It is a lifestyle. Meditation, breathing, and being the best person you can be to yourself and to others, is yoga.

I hope that in some way or another, every person can find the inner peace I have found through yoga. Not happiness, not constant positivity, because life doesn’t exist without sadness or shadow. But there is peace to be found, and I believe yoga is a powerful tool to find that peace.